Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More on the Zika virus and the Pope's confusing/inappropriate remarks + Petition to urge Pope to correct confusion


Sunday, March 13, 2016

More on the stupidity & delusion of those who think that copying Socialist Europe is the solution for this country....

The article mentioned earlier (http://thechristianwatershed.com/2015/08/31/the-pro-life-case-for-bernie-sanders-or-the-one-in-which-i-anger-everyone/) says to "compare such statistics to Western Europe, who has one of the abortion rates in the world. Of course western europe is know for its "socialist" approach to healthcare, namely that anyone gets it for free."
Let's look at the lies.... This data is from the Guttmacher institute (which is Planned Parenthood's data engine)....

It seems that Catholics are being blinded (or simply being blind) to the dangers of socialism...It seems some think that people like Sanders will make things better pro-life wise (forgetting the deception of socialism).... Here's a link and a reminder of what the Church has had to say on socialism:


& for those who are arguing that electing Sanders would be better than Trump for pro-life issues, I warn: Have you seen what happened at the Trump rally in Chicago, in Ohio, Missouri? Expect more of that when seeking to defend life.... Socialism depends on mobs to enforce its beliefs...again - this is from someone who has been through it before....
Stupid arguments:

1. that show the reality of ignorance pertaining to the problem of socialism i.e. they have NO understanding of socialism

2. They perceive the entitlement mentality of socialist Europe (and creeping into the US) as being healthy - again - exposing their real ignorance

3. implies that voting for a known evil (which socialism is - as indicated by Church teaching itself - see e.g. http://www.crisismagazine.com/2012/the-great-lie-pope-benedict-xvi-on-socialism) is better than voting for a potential evil.


What is clearly coming out in this election is one thing - that Americans have lost ALL understanding of the blessings they received from the founding fathers and the principles upon which this country was founded
An administration with NO backbone:

The legacy of Obama and his cronies will be that he made a weakling of this nation....He has turned this nation into one that apologizes for the truth, that apologizes for the principles it was founded on.
Even Europe has defined it as a genocide yet this administration, partly surely, because of political correctness, refuses to do so and is now , rather than a leader calling it for what it is, a follower (if it even gets to it).

This then is the legacy of the Obama administration - that he has turned this nation into one that has lost its identity, does not know its roots, a nation that is a follower rather than a leader....In short - while much may be written in the positive sense (which would only be lies) about Obama's legacy, the truth will be that there will be NOTHING to be proud of.

Setting the Record Straight About Zika and Contraception