Saturday, July 23, 2011

Being a Moral Screwball

I have not had the time to post - so much has happened - and not for lack of topics.....

We look at the state of this country....the disaster that has emerged in the past two and a half years....part of the blame the people who elected this administration; part of the blame on past administrations; the rest of the blame - the people in the administration.

This country has come down exactly to the place where others (outside this country) wanted it to be - right down in the pit of manure most of the west is in.

This country has lost its moral compass.....totally at this point (and with it everything else including credibility) - politicians who promise one thing morally (to attract voters) and do the opposite behind the voter's back; financial support for embryonic stem cell research (when science clearly shows its lack of efficacy); tax-payer supported abortion; states passing laws allowing gay marriage (despite scientific evidence supporting the fact that such unions are not natural - through numerous research that has been conducted showing the necessity of a mother and a father for the best upbringing of the children [oh....and then we say we want to protect children]); and now a financial mess, through debt to countries you would not want to be in debt with dead, and the support of entitlements - a mentality that socialists like to propagate to make society dependent on needing the government to control everything (and please note: financial responsibility is a moral obligation, creating and supporting an entitlement mentality is not); but interesting in all of this - in this crisis, the president has the time to sign the repeal of "Don't ask, Don't tell" - a decision that will cost this country much military-wise....It must be a long stretch to ask for politicians to be logical - obviously they do not see that the reason why the US was a military power compared to Australia, England, Canada and many other European countries is because the US did not allow open homosexuality amongst its ranks.....well one will reap what one sows.

....It really shows where the priorities of the current administration are....When the moral compass goes.....EVERYTHING goes....and this country will see much worse than where it is now if it does not change its course.

God bless America and protect it from all those inside and outside who are trying to destroy it morally, socially, economically and in every way. May the Holy Spirit inspire the minds of voters and open their eyes to the destruction that is being leveled at this wonderful nation from inside itself. May this nation return to the greatness the founding Fathers wanted and wished upon the nation they fought for and gave their lives to.

God bless (+)


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