Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The story of the Liar & the Jackass

The indoctrination of minds through lies and the dependence on the emotions rather than the mind are great tools utilized by many governments. It is characteristic of liberalism and a morally relativistic society.

Then, when all else fails, when the truth starts surfacing, when people start thinking, then all hell breaks loose, and hypocrisy becomes rife....e.g. the response towards Joe Wilson (R-S.C) and his outburst of "You Lie" vs the response to former President Jimmy Carter's vilification of any body that stands up for the truth as a racist. (Qualifier: While what Wilson said is absolutely true, his method of conveying it was not - he was too much appealing to the emotion - and that's playing evil in its courts - and you're bound to loose if you do so for too long).

Why do I bother with this in this Catholic Blog? I bother because this is an exact portrayal of what evil is. It drags you down with "feel good" blabbing, but then freaks out/goes utterly nuts if the truth is uncovered....And another example of this is the ACORN scandal!!!

So now - dear reader, use your brain, that mush held by the skull, and figure out who the jackass and the liar are yourself.

Enough said - here's some poll data that speak for themselves.

& finally:
TMZ Obtains Obama's 'Jackass' Kanye Diss (in case you wish to find out where the jackass comes in)

I'll probably add more to this when I find time ... so stay posted

God bless; Stand up for the truth & never let it be silenced!!!