Monday, November 03, 2008

The Real Issue in this election!

The real issue in this election is not the economy. It is morality. If this nation is to survive and remain as great as it has been and as great as its founding fathers wanted it to be it must choose agains what is intrinsically and outrightly evil.

The choice is clear a party that supports life and one that does not....and for all the ranting on rights, benefits etc that the latter party has committed itself too - there is one question to be asked - What right matters if you're not alive?

For those still wondering - I invite you to read spend some time considering the very graphic (DO NOT WATCH WITH CHILDREN) videos at the links shown below. In these videos film star and singing idol Eduardo Verastegui talks about the more than 1 million babies (the numbers are said to be 4000-4400/day) aborted in America each year, and the more than 200,000 Latino babies aborted per year are . He continues by revealing Obama's history on abortion - opposing bans on partial birth abortion, opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, and opposing parental involvement when a minor girl is abused; he supports financing abortion with tax dollars."

Watch the video and get media DOWNLOADS at:

The source that provided me with this email included the following contact information:

Spokesmen are available for interviews in English and Spanish.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:Valerie Mosher(202) 488-7000, ext. 126

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