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A Conversation with Satan??!!

What follows is an exchange of emails regarding the issue of abortion. This merited posting because of the coldness and lack of feeling towards a life that will never be lived..The emails proceed in order from the first (top) to last (bottom). Names and places, if any, have been removed. What I wrote is in black. What the other person wrote is in red.

Hey ........,

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to share this with you given the last conversation we had relating to election and moral issues.

Have a look at this video by Eduardo Verastegui that very graphically describes what abortion is all about. Please note - the video is VERY GRAPHIC.

Again please understand, I am NOT trying to tell you what to do (that is YOUR business and nobody elses) but trying to keep you informed - so your decision is an informed one..



Hi Stephen,

I don't mind sharing information; it's a good thing. I don't think the "grossness" of an abortion is the main point or issue. Lots of medical procedures look gross; I have to trust medical professionals that they use as humane procedures as possible. The point is that women should be able to maintain control of their own bodies and make their own decisions regarding pregnancy. It's just plain wrong to force personal or religious beliefs on other people- that is just not the way to win hearts and minds. In addition, some pro-life ideas scare me- for example, if a fertilized egg is considered alive, then the birth control pill is also a form of abortion as it can prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterine wall. This goes way beyond the line.

On the politics side, I think that one issue voting is not the way to go. If it's the moral decency of the candidate that's the concern, then you could make the exact opposite argument if your single issue is the death penalty. Obama is against the death penalty, McCain is for the death penalty. In this situation Obama is the one with more respect for life while McCain; you can use the same pro-life arguments, just flipping sides. I think this makes voting based on the perceived morals of the candidate impossible.

Just my thoughts,
Hi ........,

re: the "grossness" I refer too - this is not grossnes similar to that of any medical procedure. If I see a liver or a heart or a lung in surgery that is not gross. It is what is done to the life of that unborn child - it is utter murder. I am not sure how anybody can reconcile it to any other medical procedure... To see a mutilated head of child from an abortion and compare it to regular surgery shows me a scary dulling of conscience. There is no humanity in the procedure.

The point about women maintaining control of their own bodies is wrong because it implies that for my own sake I should do anything and everything possible for my own gratification... So if you are in my way, I should seek to eliminate you by whatever means (including physically). That is utter selfishness and insanity. It is not an imposition of personal religious beliefs - the imposition is being made on the life which is destroyed and not being given a chance. Think about it - what would we have achieved in our life if our mothers made that decision!!

I am not sure why you are scared of pro-life ideas. Yes, birth control is a form of abortion because life does start at conception. There is a precious sacred aspect of sex that exceeds in superiority the best orgasm or the sum of all the orgasms anybody can experience. Sex is not for my pleasure - because that implies I am using the other person for my own gratification - which makes it a selfish act - if this was the case why not bang an animal, a hole in the wall - anything that has an orifice. Sex is first and foremost for procreation. The orgasm that comes with it is a secondary plus (and a huge plus) - As a consequence the result of it is life beginning at conception - because if life did not begin at conception - then it truly never begun - forgive me, I am not trying to be crude or rude.

re: voting - this is NOT a sinlge issue - it is 4000-4400 lives snuffed daily It is 4000-4400 issues daily. re: McCain's support for the death penalty - if this is the case, he is wrong in doing so - no question about it. One then has to weigh out the issues - How many deaths daily with death penalty vs how many deaths daily with abortion? So yes it makes voting in relation to morals hard but then one is obliged to choose the lesser of two evils.

Take care


I know we're not going to agree on this ever, but I am curious- do you think that the pill (or IUDs or condoms etc) should also be illegal?

In a moral society where the value of the human being, woman and sex are treated for the respect they deserve- yes they should be illegal because they lead to nothing more than the use and abuse of another human being (= exploitation - sexual or otherwise). The focus should be on educating every man, woman and child on the worth of each individual human being. In our current society - it's practically impossible.

The pill, IUD's, condoms, are a great injustice, insult and disrespect to the woman above all...because the man is telling the woman, "I want you for my pleasure, I want you this far, but not all of you". It's also an act of selfishness from the woman's side because she's also saying "you can only have me this much" - it is not the true giving of self totally to the other person. As I said in the previous email... Intercourse has a higher reason and a much more nobler cause than the physical pleasure (which obviously is not wrong) of two people...If it were not so, my marriage to my wife would be nothing more than a legally approved version of prostitution, and exploitation of another person for my own ends. Moreover if it were not so that there is a higher/nobler meaning why would be it wrong to be sleeping around? to "cheat" on my wife (I put cheat in quotation marks because it would not really be cheeting anymore), to go with any person you meet who shows an inkling of liking towards you? .... it just does not make sense.

All of the above have led to the serious dismantling of society, the increase in divorce and family breakdowns (this has been shown scientifically), because once you close yourself to the principal reason of an act so wonderful, you dissociate yourself from the totallity of the union associated in the act itself. Relationships can't last long like that because ultimately deep in the subconscious the other person is asking in more circumstances than just the bed - "Are they giving me their all? or is it only a part?" - this breaks down the trust - ultimately leading to a breakdown in the marriage/relationship.

Moreso, contracepting goes against the natural law itself. A good example can be found in an article in Proc. Biol. Sci. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18700206?dopt=Citation

There is order and a reason and a purpose for everything in nature. Breaking it causes havoc - in every form or way.


So that sounds like a yes then. I think we should leave the topic alone for now. I do respect your opinions and thank you for sharing them with me.

Yes ......., that was a yes. No problem about leaving the topic alone... My point is to make you aware, which is my obligation, not to force you to accept - ultimately we all have to answer individually in front of our creator for what WE did, not what others did - The realization and understanding of the sanctity of life and its origin was implanted in us when we were created/conceived, but the full appreciation of this involves faith, and that's between you and God.. I have nothing to do with it.

Take care and have a wonderful day


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