Monday, November 10, 2008

Abortion, A Medical Procedure??

In a previous blog I named "A Conversation with Satan??!!!" I quoted from an email exchange regarding abortion. At one point the person states the following "I don't think the "grossness" of an abortion is the main point or issue. Lots of medical procedures look gross; I have to trust medical professionals that they use as humane procedures as possible"

In sharing this with a good friend of mine, as I was in utter shock that anybody could compare such attrocities to a normal medical procedure, my friend responded with the following points which are very worthy of sharing. It presents more of a logical, practical, procedural perspective, yet very true and valid:

"...treating it like a "routine medical procedure" would actually be significantly better than what we have now. How can I say this you ask? Well, what happens with an invasive medical procedure? Let's list some things...

1) Someone has to sit down with you, clearly explain the risks of the procedure, alternatives to it, and the dangers involved, including health risks and long-term effects.

2) They won't do the procedure the second you ask for it. You usually have to wait at least 24 hours to schedule it, consider the risks, fast in preparation, etc.

3) If you are a minor, you must get a parent or guardian's consent, barring court intervention.

4) If you have an invasive procedure requiring an anesthetic (especially a general), someone must be present to take you home and watch after you, knowing you had an invasive medical procedure that could result in hemmorhaging.

5) Only licensed professionals can perform an invasive medical procedure at a government-approved healthcare institution or office.

6) If the procedure involves a life-changing decision, you generally will get impartial psychological consultation before making a decision.

7) If a child does have an invasive medical procedure, the parents must be notified unless it poses a danger to the child. Also if any crimes are involved (such as abuse, incest, sex with a minor) they are required by law to report it to the police and turn over pertinent documentation as evidence.

What do these 7 things have in common? ZERO of them are true for an abortion. ZERO. A medical procedure, they say? If these regulations had to be followed, I bet the number of abortions in this country would be cut in half immediately. And this doesn't take away rape, incest, or health of the mother concerns at all. Rather, it takes them into account along with all other medical procedure protocols.

These points are so true and obvious, and yet society chooses to close its eyes to the hypocrisy of standards that we apply.

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