Saturday, September 17, 2005

Why I Taught Cathechism & Why I Will Teach Again

A. Why Teach?

This previous year was the first experience I had at teaching catechism. The reasons I wanted to teach included:

  1. I always wanted to contribute more to Parish life.
  2. I always enjoyed sharing my faith with others and I felt this was an other opportunity to do so
  3. I have observed a great thirst among many Catholics, in particular the youth about the teachings of Catholic Church and I wanted to learn more myself and then reach out and share this knowledge with others.
  4. I always felt that I would be a hypocrite if, on the one hand I complained about the dwindling numbers of faithful in the church or the lack of interest in youth in what we be believe as Catholics, while on the other hand I did not start sharing and reaching out to others about what this faith meant to me.

B. What I got out of it……

I learnt a lot…..A LOT.

  1. More about the scripture in the bible, the history of the bible, the writers and further insight in the “truth which God wanted put into sacred writings for the sake of salvation”

  2. I learnt and confirmed that there is an unquenchable desire for the truth in the youth and contrary to common belief watering down the principles of our faith does NOT attract them but confuses them more.

  3. I learnt that, in these youth going through their teenage years, there is a lot of confusion and very often a great desire for the Truth, but often they do not know where and how to start seeking.

C. What I hoped to do for the kids…..

  1. I hoped to show them by how I taught that my faith is the cornerstone of my life and therefore the most important aspect of my life and that I was not teaching to just pass the time
  2. That my faith is what keeps me sane in the craziness that exists around us.
  3. I wanted to show them that they can have comfort in Christ’s words that He would be with us and help us carry our cross. I wished upon them the same comfort that the presence of Christ and my faith brought to me.
  4. I wanted to challenge them to go against the current of modern day life and to seek their strength in the teachings of Christ through His Church and to do this with conviction.

D. To others – to think about teaching Catechism…..

We are living this life with an ultimate purpose…..eternal life. From all the people of this world, we have been chosen and given the GIFT of FAITH through our baptism. We are not to be unappreciative of this gift and HAVE A DUTY and ARE CALLED to share it with others as Christ clearly tells us to be the light/salt of the world. This was the primary reason why I wanted to get involved given that my children are not involved in this program since they attend St. Mark’s.

I encourage others to be more open and share this great gift and its significance in their life with these kids. It means everything to them. One day in their late teenage years or their adult life, it could be the ONLY thing they have to hang on to. If we don’t share this great Truth with them and encourage them to nurture it, OUR lack of motivation or interest may be one big reason why they would turn to the wrong alternatives. This I sincerely believe.


God Bless (+)


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