Thursday, July 07, 2005

An Intro - What I Aim to Achieve

Why Discuss?

Philosophy is defined as "the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics". It is exactly this that this website intends on doing - do "philosophize"/discuss and come to a better understanding. In this particular case I wish to put forward a website where Catholic teachings are put forward and discussed/investigated with every intention of abiding by what the Church teaches in every way.

Aims & Purpose

The aim of this blog is to put forward and discuss in an educated manner the teachings of Christ as they pertain to our daily life. I am a lay Catholic and my faith is very dear to me. This is the experience I want to share.

What I seek to do is to as correctly as possible represent

1. What my faith means to me and how I feel it is of benefit to believe in God
2. What the teachings of the Church mean in my daily life.

What I hope to achieve, is that through the postings, I share the deep spirituality that I feel should exist in our daily lives. I wish to make people that come across the website THINK. I wish to CHALLENGE them to a deeper spirituality.

I will also include in the website links to relevant websites that are excellent references.

Whoever you are, Wherever you may be, I hope you accept my invitation to travel spiritually with me.

Thanks & God Bless